Dsalon Downtown is a leading hair care services and beauty products sales organization. The company commenced business in 1992 as a barbing salon popularly called Downtown barbers, and has experienced phenomenal growth resulting in a chain of unisex hair care services and beauty products sales in Surulere, and Victoria Island.

Currently, the Salon has over 120 employees including top class beauticians whose inspired and innovative hairstyles have created and sustained a strong, loyal and growing clientele.

dsalon Downtown has a beauty training academy, committed to developing careers in the hair and beauty industry. The academy has a dynamic learning environment where opportunities are available for first-class training on all aspect of hair, beauty and cosmetology.

We in dsalon Downtown firmly believe in the importance of giving our clients the exceptional service that they deserve!

In dsalon downtown, it is imperative for our staff to keep our clients’ hair looking great, healthy and strong and so we invite you to come and experience dsalon downtown!